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Each week, the #thrivetoday team brings you the insight, perspective and advice you need to bust out of survival mode – and discover how to build the thriving life you desire. Whether you want to grow professionally, personally, as a parent or spouse, in your community – we've got you covered.


Ep. 139: All Good Things Come to an End

In this final episode of The Survivor's Guide to Thriving Podcast, Mark interviews Amanda – her advice for young professionals, recommendations on where to go for inspiration, and tips for leaders.


Ep. 138: 4 Reasons to Actively Support Your Perfectionists

In this episode, Amanda shares why – as leaders and teammates who may be a little less detail oriented and a little more go-with-the-flow – it's important to actively seek to understand and support your more perfectionistic colleagues.


Ep. 137: How to Make Video Meetings More Effective

Many of us have had our fill of video meetings in the last few months. In this episode Amanda and MarkSteven talk about mistakes we make and how to make these calls more effective.


Ep. 136: Tools to Run Your Remote Team

Virtual teams have a lot of moving parts – but without the benefit of being able to swing by a colleague's desk to ask a question. Choosing the right tools to get work done can help.


Ep. 135: Are You Making One of These Common Communication Mistakes?

Thriving relationships depend on good communication – but sometimes we fall short. Discover three common mistakes that we all make from time-to-time...and how we can practice overcoming them.


Ep. 134: We're Doing the Best We Can

In this episode, Mark Jewell is talking about leadership – and the responsibilities we have to those we lead. He digs into the stories we can tell ourselves about other people, the three elements that impact performance, and how we can support those on our team most effectively.


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