There's a myth out there that professional success can only come at the expense of personal satisfaction. But we've only got one shot at this life – so we don't believe it should have to be either/or.

With that in mind, we got busy and designed high-impact, unique personal and professional development experiences that fulfill one mission and one mission only:

We're here to help you survive less and thrive more – in any area of life.

MJST Training+Coaching Experiences

This is personal and professional development designed for you – your work, your life, your goals.

Don't won't find any 'death by PowerPoint' here.  

The Thriving Leader

Lead With Impact (In Any Role)

We all have the capacity for impact – no matter our age, industry, or title – but sometimes we get a little stuck. So we've designed The Thriving Leader training+coaching experience to help you get unstuck. Together, we'll imagine what's possible in your life, uncover tools that lead to clarity and certainty (aka the stuff that creates results!), and show you a path from where you to where you want to be.

Through our high-impact two-day live training and 12 weeks of small-group coaching support, you'll learn that the #thrivetoday experience – whether that's at work, at home, or beyond – is within your reach. 

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The Relationship Mastery Community (RMC)

Develop the mindset of a master seller.

Sales can often be a price game, a battle to see who can race to the bottom the fastest. But what if it didn't have to be that way?

In the RMC, we show you how to build the skillset AND mindset of a top seller – with a focus on building long-term relationships that withstand changes in price, product and marketplace.

In this virtual community+coaching setting, you'll uncover what it means to thrive as a sales professional who cares as much about yourself as you do about your customers.

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The Thriving Executive

Leaving the Legacy You Desire

Leadership comes with its own set of challenges...and executive leadership even more so. You have fewer peers to go to for advice, the stakes of your decisions are higher, and the opportunity for leaving a legacy at your organization is great. We've designed The Thriving Executive with you – a senior leader with unique experiences – in mind. Together, we'll identify opportunities to expand your capacity (personally and professionally), so that you have the energy to guide your company through whatever roadblocks arise.

Through our high-impact two-day live training and 12 weeks of small-group coaching support, you and your executive team will get clear about what it's going to take to perform at your highest level and get strategic about the next 6-12 months – for yourself, for each other, and for your organization.

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The Empowered Sales Leader

Harness the power of community and coaching as you unlock your path from surviving to thriving in sales leadership.


The Empowered Sales Leader is for those who are ready to expand their capacity for leadership, guide highly engaged teams that hit their numbers, AND create a personal quality of life they've never even imagined!

This experience is driven by community and coaching. In The Empowered Sales Leader, you'll be surrounded by professionals in roles just like yours, who are tired of settling and ready to experience what else is possible.

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