TITLE: Founder & CEO

LOCATION: Nebraska

MOST DAYS YOU CAN FIND ME: Investing in my woman and my kids, MJST, my meditation/spiritual journey, building capacity in my body and leaving a helping legacy.

MY FAVORITE STRENGTHSCOPE ENERGIZER: It's hard to choose! Right now I rely heavily on Leading and Decisiveness.

MY DOG'S NAMES IS: Huckleberry – he's a yellow lab who turned out white! He loves my kids and it's so fun to see him play with them...almost like he's a kid himself!

THE THING I'M MOST PROUD OF IS: My kids, my personal growth journey, MJST...so many things. Right now, what's coming through the most is the level of impact we have through our work at MJST. Yes, it's rewarding to see so much growth in the lives of direct participants, but it's also awesome to see how their growth impact their families, communities and businesses!

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