Ep. 119: Gratitude Under Pressure with Nate Fairbanks

There are so many people in the #thrivetoday community that we’re grateful for and there’s no doubt – Nate Fairbanks is one of them. In this episode, MJST coaches Wade Johannes and Jon Anderson sit down with Nate as he shares his personal journey for the first time on a public platform. He opens up about:

  • How loss impacted his life in unexpected and challenging ways
  • The original strategies he used to cope with that loss – and the consequences of those approaches
  • Why and how he shifted his mindset toward one of resilience and gratitude (even when no one would blame him for retreating instead)
  • …and so much more.

Nate’s story is an incredibly powerful one and it demonstrates the path so many of us walk – from literal survival to the choice to thrive instead.


Episode Notes

The Quest to Make an Impact – Ed Mylett interview with Impact Theory’s Tom Bilyeu


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