Ep. 112: Making Nutrition Work for You with Alex Maclin

This week, MJST coach Christina Schroeder is talking with nutrition coach Alex Maclin about the role food plays in helping you meet your health goals and how your habits can be designed to fit your life.

Alex has been heavily involved in the fitness industry for more than eight years and, in that time, he’s coached hundreds of athletes through online training programs for weightlifting, strength and conditioning, been exposed to and learned directly from some of the smartest, most successful people in fitness, hosted the Barbell Shrugged Podcast (for a moment!), competed at national-level and regional-level meets in Olympic Weightlifting, and he’s coached weightlifters at the national and regional levels. Alex has coaching certifications through Precision Nutrition, USA Weightlifting, Eleiko Sport and CrossFit® – and we’re excited that he’s joining us today!

In this conversation, Christina and Alex dig into:

  • Alex’s personal fitness journey and what he’s learned along the way
  • Why big sweeping nutrition changes often fail – and what to do instead
  • Tips for eating healthy on the road (whether for work or vacation)
  • How to allow for flexibility – and progress over perfection – in your nutrition choices

Food can be the more complicated part of a health and fitness journey, but the tips and advice shared here today can help you feel more confident in the choices you’re making every day when you eat. Enjoy!

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