About #thrivetoday

#thrivetoday was launched in 2013 with a singular mission: to help people and organizations stop surviving and start thriving – in any area. Led by speaker, trainer and coach Mark Jewell, the #thrivetoday team is dedicated to helping clients reach beyond what they believe is possible for themselves. Through unique training+coaching programs like The Thriving Leader and Relationship Mastery Experience, meaningful keynote addresses, and complementary tools like Strengthscope®,#thrivetoday combines high-impact live events with the accountability and coaching that creates actual behavior and mindset change. Through our proven methods, we are able to support individuals and organizations by creating real results, in real time with a real impact.

What makes #thrivetoday different?

Let’s face it. Most training looks like this: go to a two- or three-day event, drink from the proverbial firehose from a trainer focused solely on getting through the material. You retain maybe 10% of what you heard and then you take your white binder home…never be opened again.

When we get back to life after training, we tend to gravitate back to the old versions of ourselves. We’re not necessarily resistant to change – but we’re resistant to breaking from cultural norms that supported old behaviors (e.g., when my manager or coworkers don’t understand what I now know as a result of training, it is very likely I’ll operate the same way I always have).

In fact, we know that – based on university research – any workplace intervention not actively reinforced in the workplace will net very little long-term result and less than a breakeven on investment.

At #thrivetoday, we do behavior change differently.

A Classroom Experience That Means Something

At #thrivetoday, we focus our time on developing the mindset of a top performer in their field. We teach people how to use the tools they have available to help them execute at a higher level.

As facilitators and coaches, we create space for people to apply our tools to their personal situations. We don’t learn from having too much information crammed into a couple days’ timeframe. We don’t learn from listening to someone read us their PowerPoint presentation.

We learn through thinking, writing, discussing and listening to others.

Socrates (creator of the Socratic Method, the foundation of our teaching philosophy) believed that the answers already lay within the mind of the learner – it is the teacher’s job to facilitate the environment, helping people add meaning to what they intuitively know.

#thrivetoday’s approach to learning makes the material feel relevant and fresh, which is why our live events connect with people of all ages and all experience levels.

Creating Real Change Through Accountability

While workshops can be highly impactful, most of us still intuitively know that people most effectively learn by doing. The “ah-ha!” or moment of understanding they may experience in the classroom is not enough to get the job done – participants must put what they learn to work in real life.

That’s why coaching, as a follow-up to the live training program, has been proven as the best way to generate real change.

The value of coaching can be summarized in three words:

Perspective. Feedback. Accountability.

Perspective is about identifying blind spots. Everyone has them – individuals, teams and organizations. As a third-party coach with no agenda other than to make you better, we see, hear and feel things that others may not.

Feedback is about communicating what we find back to the individual or organization as deemed most appropriate and effective. When an individual’s perspective is out of alignment with the organization’s, we communicate that.

Accountability comes in when there is a commitment to change. We use fun and creative ways to build accountability through personal commitments to their peers, the coach, and – most importantly – themselves.

The information we cover in the live event is reinforced and applied through coaching. Twelve weeks of coaching (which is what’s included in most of our programs) allows people to try things out in actual situations. If a new approach to creating change doesn’t work, then we get to discuss why.

Plus, because of the way we structure our coaching, it’s not just a coach you are learning from – participants also learn from each other. Participants are assigned to small “mastermind” accountability groups for coaching. This group interaction allows for greater feedback, perspective and accountability among peers.

Meet the #thrivetoday Team

Passionate. Experienced. Results-driven.

We Aren't Like Other Trainers

And that's okay. We can't support meaningful change for people, teams and organizations by following the status quo. Transformation comes from pushing you out of your comfort zone, challenging belief systems that no longer serve you, and helping you discover what you are truly capable and deserving of. As the saying around here goes: Survival is dead. It’s your time to thrive today.


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